Vacation, (not) All I Ever Wanted

So as it turns out, Maya is afraid of the ocean, with its roar and unpredictability and all the many bubbles she kept pointing out.

I should have expected this, because earlier this year she went through a several-month phase of being terrified of the bath. Yet, like a sneak-up-on-you kind of wave, I really didn’t see this one coming. There was no frolicking with joy at water’s edge. Instead, she was so unnerved by the shifting horizon that she panicked even if I made attempts to swim alone, obviously fearing I would disappear in the churn.


Sometime along the time when we were checking into the small pediatrician’s office in Milton, Delaware, just as surprised to be there as they had been to get our 8 a.m. call about Maya’s 101-degree fever and cough, the hopes we’d been nurturing about a real vacation (with a toddler) suddenly turned into the bracing ice-cold reality of a splash of Atlantic saltwater.

It was just an ill-timed virus, and she’s already feeling better. I do have a few hold-out memories of good eats, and of Maya playing happily, if with a wary eye, in all that sand. She looks pleased enough in the picture, right?

And last evening, after we were back, she drew long lines on a large piece of paper and pronounced them “way-aves.” They made a big impression, obviously.

If you find yourself on the Delaware shore, I would particularly recommend the homemade dark chocolate-enrobed frozen key lime pie on-a-stick (a stick!) from Maureen’s (to the left just before the boardwalk) in Bethany Beach. And I had 10 incredible fresh-battered, never-frozen succulent scallops, among some other less memorable but still delicious seafood.

Also, we saw dolphins cavorting just off shore. Twice. So, there’s all that, plus some fresh air and sunshine and getting out of town for a while. We may not have gotten what(ever it is) we want, but we did get a little, after all, of what we need.

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