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About the shootings in Connecticut at an elementary school that killed at least 18 children and 9 adults. How many times does this have to happen before we get some sensible laws on assault weapons????

This happens so often that we actually have guides from media organizations and psychologists about how to talk to our kids about school shootings, like this one from MSNBC. There’s also a general one from PBS that covers disturbing news. They may be useful to those with older kids than Maya, though I don’t envy any parent that tries to explain how and why this can happen.

While everyone else has basically given up on bringing sensible gun policy to the U.S., the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence has kept on going. If you’re as mad and upset as I am, you might think about sending them some love.

For my part, words fail me, for once. Just watching the news and crying…

9 thoughts on “So.Incredibly.Sad.

  1. Guns arent the problem. The real problem is that in almost all these shootings the people who did it were on heavy drugs given to them by doctors and mental mental health doctors. The media wont cover this because they dont want to lose any money. its sad but once again it comes down to the money and not the children

    • Hi Julie, Thanks so much for your comment. I would be very supportive of addressing the mental health crisis. Indeed, I worry all the time about the links between environmental health contaminants like mercury and the incidence of autism. And I agree that access doesn’t “make” someone a murderer — but high-powered rifles with ammo clips like the one Adam Lanza used certainly make killing more efficient than it should be, and I don’t see any reason why people need those kinds of weapons. Like the ammo Lanza used, which didn’t go through the body to maximize damage on impact, they are designed to hurt people. If you compare the results in China, where a madman used a knife and everyone survived, then I think it becomes clear what the impact of access to high-powered weaponry can do. Regardless of our apparent disagreement, I appreciate the dialogue with you. All best, Laura

  2. Today I went down to my state Capitol as a volunteer to encourage then to support a bill banning semi-automatic assault weapons. We heard the news while we were talking to an aide. Ten legislators signed on as supporters for the bill. On my drive home, i was so upset i pulled over and made a video asking people to help. Its on my blog. We can do this!

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