Asking Safeway: Who Will Mind the Store?

Yesterday, I gladly joined the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families campaign to ask retailers to do a far better job of screening their products for hazardous chemicals. The group has developed a list of 100 plus chemicals identified by scientists or regulators as hazardous, including such substances as triclosan, which was featured in the recent Dateline piece, and parabens.

Before work, I ventured out with my friend, Molly Rauch of Moms Clean Air Force, who writes about our visit eloquently here, to check out products and deliver a letter to the local Silver Spring Safeway store manager, to make the case that people in their own community care about getting rid of toxics. When we got to the store, we perused the aisles, looking at labels with their tiny print, and trying to figure what, exactly, was in what.

We had a hard time with many product categories — cleaning products, for example, don’t actually have to say what’s in them. For example, here’s one that is clear as mud:

mystery cleanerYet all the overwhelming smells of the fragrances and perfumes (that could be harmful pthalates, as Dateline explained) in that aisle actually made me a bit dizzy.

We did find some products with triclosan, clearly labeled, including the Hello Kitty hand soap Dateline identified — which is particularly upsetting given its cutesy child-appeal marketing — as well Dial Complete, another cleanser, which (dubiously) promises a “Healthier You.”

HK front

HK showing triclosan Dial complete triclosanIn addition, through careful scouring, we were able to spot some products with parabens in them, including this antacid called “DiGel:”

Digel frontdigel backIt was difficult, even with a list of chemicals, to decipher everything. Molly put it well in her great post:

We felt lost in a thicket of chemical names, tiny fonts on tiny labels, and terms we didn’t understand.

And we were aware that we weren’t able at all to figure out packaging concerns like the Bisphenol-A (a chemical which acts like hormones in the body and has been linked to numerous damaging health impacts) that is in most can linings and on receipts.

After wandering the aisles for half an hour with our brows deeply furrowed, Molly and I approached the store manager to present a letter asking Safeway to do this kind of work on behalf of consumers. The letter was an invitation for retailers to get ahead of the consumer wave that I truly believe is coming — which will demand that products we use in our everyday lives not damage our health.

Retailers — who have everything to lose when customers vote with their feet — also have tremendous power over what they sell. They could be major drivers for change, if they saw it as part of their job. So our job is to make them see the appeal of changes that would drive their supply chains to do better — not just for products with niche appeal to organo-Moms like me, but for all the millions of Moms, Dads and others who don’t compulsively read labels on everything they buy and really shouldn’t have to.

David, the store manager, was welcoming about our message and received our letter and the list of 100+ hazards with warmth, promising to pass it along. He even let us take a picture, which spoke volumes for the people managing retail stores like Safeway, who want an authentic connection to their communities and customers. There would truly be nothing better than if a retailer like Safeway were to take this letter seriously and work through its supply chain to remove these toxic chemicals from its stores.

Me and DavidThis action was fun, easy and made me happier all day long. Even if you don’t have a great partner like Molly, it’s easier than you think to speak a little truth to power while you are shopping. So go to the campaign Website and register, then empower yourself to be bold, friendly and clear about your priorities next time you go to pick up groceries — it only takes two minutes to let the store manager know where you stand and what matters to you.

And let us know how the conversation goes with tweets and posts! I’ve been very inspired by the other mom bloggers and activists who’ve joined in the campaign:

See you out there!

13 thoughts on “Asking Safeway: Who Will Mind the Store?

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  4. I saw your article about being slimed on the EWG website and followed you here. I am a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. I am behind your decision to rid your home of petro chemicals and other unwholesome creations. I am thrilled to see that you also take an activist approach and consider labour rights and global environmental comcerns. A a feloow human and mother – thanks for your blog and using your voice here. If you have any DIY product questions please don’t hesitate to Search or to ask me at .

  5. Excellent article and very hopeful. May we cross-post your piece, as before?

    Claudia S. Miller, M.D., M.S. Professor, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Assistant Dean, MD/MPH Program Vice Chair, Community Medicine, Department of Family and Community Medicine Director, South Texas Environmental Education and Research (STEER) Program in Laredo and Harlingen University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio 7703 Floyd Curl Drive (222 MCS) San Antonio, TX 78229-3900 Phone: (210) 562-6553 Fax: (210) 562-6552

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  7. Great job, Laura! It is so disturbing that products marketed to kids (such as the Hello Kitty soap) contain these harmful chemicals. Thank you for taking the time to make a difference! I am glad the manager was so welcoming of your message and the issue, and I am eager to see what steps Safeway is going to take!

  8. WOOT!! Way to go girl! We are all in this together with the retailers and soon we will make some great changes for us all…together. Safeway rocks and they are so green I know they will join in this fight.

  9. Laura, you’re awesome. It’s amazing how many products in question are on the shelves. Thanks for being a diligent and trusted source of great information. It’s really fun to see women across the country taking action. I’m hoping Safeway will Mind the Store!

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