Parenting as Infographic, Installment #1

So I was having lunch last week with my good pal Colin Delaney, an e-activism expert extraordinaire, and he reminded me that, hey, the Interwebs these days are fond of the Infographics.

I thought, hey, I’m a parent. I occasionally have firm mental possession of something approximating actual information. And then it goes away.

So I thought I would attempt to capture the fleeting data points that inform my existence with Edward Tufte-style visual elegance.

Then I decided I would merely try to amuse you.

And, voila, what I know as a parent to be true does fit into a Venn diagram. Truth to power, people, truth to power.

I’m also presenting you at long last with a poll, because that’s what the Interwebs wants.

3 thoughts on “Parenting as Infographic, Installment #1

  1. Here’s a (naive) question from a non-parent: Assuming a symmetrical 2-toddler scenario, doesn’t the tension implicit in your Null Set solve itself? Put another way, do toddlers evincing the boredom/envy you depict ever just trade objects, then trade again, and again?

    And yes, by bringing this sort of unreality to my ideas about policy and solving social ills, I find that I am frequently disappointed by the world.

    • Yes, Justin, they do trade. And trade again, and again, until any adult nearby begins to think they have solved fundamental questions about the human condition and have discovered the biological basis for all wars ever waged. I totally hearted your question, btw. Laura

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