And now, for some things YOU can do on flame retardants…

I’ve been busy getting used to working again, getting Maya transitioned to the new schedule, working on my nascent book proposal, and hatching plans for a new on-line venture, about which you will hear more soon. In addition, just this … Continue reading

More Misadventures with Flame Retardants: So.Much.Fun.

Misadventure Number 1: Sometimes, it appears, moms get stuck between an owl pillow and a hard place. Or at least that’s what happened to me on an ill-fated trip to Target last week. During a (rare and dreaded) shopping adventure … Continue reading

Burning Questions: An FAQ on Flame Retardants in Furniture

Whenever I scan the search engine subjects through which people now stumble over my blog, it becomes clear that the major thing everyone wants to know is whether they have a toxic sofa in their house and what in the … Continue reading

Sign the Petition to California Lawmakers: Repeal the Flame Retardants Rule

[Update: California Governor Brown just ordered regulators to rewrite the flame retardant rule! I’ll update the petition to reflect this shortly…] I’m still stewing about the flame retardants issue, and I’m sure you are too. OK, so I threw out my … Continue reading

Must Read: The Chemical Industry’s Big Fat Liar on Flame Retardants

The Chicago Tribune just published a long investigative story on how the chemical industry’s star witness in support of chemical flame retardants has been making up terrible stories about burned babies to support these harmful laws. It’s a great piece … Continue reading

Sofa Saga, Part 3: Interview with Flame Retardants Expert, Heather Stapleton

By almost any measure, Duke University Environmental Chemistry professor Heather Stapleton is, well, a bit of a Superhero. Her Super-powers include: not taking the words “it’s proprietary” too seriously; using x-ray vision to pierce through the truth of greenwashing labels … Continue reading

All Frothy Over Flame-Retardants in Foam

I’ve been cornered. Insert loud howling sound here. Allen Ginsberg, bless his brilliant soul, didn’t even BEGIN to know what a teed off work-from-home mom sounds like when she can’t get a simple answer to her damn question. When the … Continue reading

Must Read: Flame Retardant Chemicals in my Gatorade??

The New York Times ran a great piece today detailing one 15-year-old’s battle to remove brominated vegetable oil — “BVO” — from soft drinks in the U.S. market. Sarah Kavanaugh, an observant teen in Mississippi, noticed the ingredient on the label … Continue reading

California Governor Brown Orders State to Change Flame Retardant Rule

Breaking news! And great news! An obscure law in California is the only reason that there are harmful chemical flame retardants in furniture, and as of today, they will start a process to change that rule. Now we’ll just have to make sure that the state’s rule … Continue reading

Toxic Hot Seat on HBO tonight!

Hallelujah! A new film about the struggle to understand and address the hidden poisons in our sofas — Toxic Hot Seat — airs for the first time tonight on HBO. Slate has a preview with a couple tantalizing clips. You … Continue reading