Hot Reads: CA Takes Back Its Dumb Rule, Chemical Reform Under Contemplation, and More

Kick up your feet: this couch won’t bite! Fantastic news from California! It looks like beginning this winter, furniture makers will be able to jettison toxic flame retardants from their products. Currently, manufacturers use these chemicals to comply with a … Continue reading

New? (Posts by Topic)

Welcome! Hope you stay a while and we become friends. Here, I write about the intersection of the political with the personal, and tend to take the news to heart. I’m never short on opinion, but always also try to … Continue reading

Dear California, You Owe America a New Couch

Sent to: Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation 4244 South Market Court, Suite D Sacramento, CA 95834 Dear Governor Brown and Chief Blood: After years of being duped by stooges from the chemical industry, … Continue reading

A Bodacious Valentine’s Day

 (Photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage) Yesterday, in honor of V-day, I had the pleasure of attending a ground-breaking panel on boobies. Because this is 2013, when the subject of breasts arises, so to speak, the topic of breast cancer isn’t far … Continue reading

The Best and Worst Week, Basically Ever

I’ll start, as one always should, with the good news. On Friday, the state of California, acting at the direction of Governor Jerry Brown, has proposed a revised flammability standard for furniture that would require no chemicals! The new rule, … Continue reading

Good Parenting for the Chemical Industry

This is cross-posted from the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families blog here. Much thanks to the wonderful folks there for publishing it! Here’s a basic truth every Mom knows: it’s far easier to avoid making a mess than to clean it … Continue reading

New Study Released Today Confirms: 85 Percent of Couches Contain Toxic Chemicals

A new study in the peer-reviewed journal, Environment Science and Technology, was just published today by Heather Stapleton. Its results confirm what she has been saying about the ubiquity and harm from flame retardants in sofas, and gives more credence … Continue reading

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, All Over Again in Bangladesh

The fire that killed 112 people and counting in a nine-story high-rise building in Bangladesh last night was in a sweatshop in which people were working late to make clothes for Walmart and Sears, news reports indicate. There were evidently … Continue reading

Sofa Saga, Part 5: A Happy Place to Sit

Everyone, exhale. Our (cleaner, greener) sofa has finally arrived! I was very concerned that after all these months of anticipation, it would not measure up. But it is well-made, truly comfortable, roomy and fits my living room like it was … Continue reading