Infographic: The Power of Imagination

Parenting as Infographic, #6.

This happened last week, but is still cracking me up.

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Parenting as Infographic, #3.

A missive from vacation, can’t ya tell?


Infographic: Have you had this conversation with your child?

All-You-Need-to-Know-About-Parenting-In-A-Handy-Infographic, #2

Try not to let all the artistic details distract you.

cartoon love 2 So, is this:

How kids deal with the ineffability of love? How they address their need to connect about something when they have no words? Or just a shameless bid for our attention by telling us what they know we long to hear?

I dunno. You tell me.

Parenting as Infographic, Installment #1

So I was having lunch last week with my good pal Colin Delaney, an e-activism expert extraordinaire, and he reminded me that, hey, the Interwebs these days are fond of the Infographics.

I thought, hey, I’m a parent. I occasionally have firm mental possession of something approximating actual information. And then it goes away.

So I thought I would attempt to capture the fleeting data points that inform my existence with Edward Tufte-style visual elegance.

Then I decided I would merely try to amuse you.

And, voila, what I know as a parent to be true does fit into a Venn diagram. Truth to power, people, truth to power.

I’m also presenting you at long last with a poll, because that’s what the Interwebs wants.