Happy (late) Mother’s Day, I suppose…

I celebrated Mother’s Day by not getting on-line at all, so I’m late out of the gate on this. My pal Jessica Gonzales-Rojas has a candidly hilarious and moving piece on breastfeeding challenges, and pumping on the go, out today, which calls for the structural changes we need to more fully support working mothers and families.

Nothing brings out the false pieties about gratitude towards mothers than this particular holiday.

Me, I’d like to keep it real. Next year, for Mother’s Day, in lieu of the gorgeous tulips some friends kindly brought over (which I did truly love), I’d like for moms (and dads) everywhere to be able to take at least 12 weeks of mandatory, full-pay parental leave, for low-income moms (or dads) to get work credits for staying at home with young children, and for businesses and public areas all over the country to have comfortable, clean and safe places for moms to nurse and to pump and store breastmilk.

I really don’t think that’s too much to ask. What if, instead of calling and sending cards to each other, we called Congress? Or their mothers. After all, Moms know best.